Our attitude towards waste

Solid waste is the most visible form of environmental bads. Whenever we go to a city or town, we are greeted by a dump of waste. Waste is not a homogeneous entity which can be disposed off in open sites indiscriminately without segregation or preprocessing. Managing solid waste efficiently to protect environment and health is a challenging task.

A systematic approach to reduce, collect, safely treat, recycle and dispose waste is the need of the hour. We have to understand that public bodies are not solely responsible for taking care of waste, it is everybody’s business. There is need for waste generators to take responsibility for proper waste disposal. Solid waste management needs good planning, smart investment, public participation and a committed labor force and definitely a bucket full of commonsense for achieving a more sustainable, eco-friendly and economically viable solution. By implementing this approach, we can gradually transform the perception of people about waste, as a resource, rather than a refuse.